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Include into set

Hi all,

Anand Chouhan

I have a expression in dimension am using  like below 

=if(Task_Days>=limit, ID)    

so I just want to include the some other condition  how can I do this?  can anyone give idea?

there is a field  assigned   in that I have 10 values  like  a,b,c,d,e.......  so on  but I want to  display only    a,b,c  only

=if(Task_Days>=limit, ID) 

how can I incorporate with above expression? 

tried below not working

=aggr(only({<Assigned={'a','b','c'}>}ID) if(Task_Days>=limit, ID),ID)

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Re: Include into set

IF(Task_Days>=limit AND (Assigned='a' OR Assigned='b' OR Assigned='c' , ID)

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Include into set

I believe you can code the Set as:

{<Assigned={'a','b','c'}, ID={"=Task_Days>=limit"}>}




Re: Include into set

I believe it would be

By If condition try

=Sum( if([Job code] >= [Job code] and Match([Job code],'a','b','c' ) ,[Job code]  ))

By SET Analysis try

=Sum( {<Assigned={'a','b','c'} ,  Task_Days = {">=$(=limit)"}  >}  ID )