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Incremental Date Format

Hi All

I have one question about Applying Incremental in SQL Script.

I have one Historical Data.qvd whose size is 2 GB.

I have to Apply Incremental Approach in it.

1): First I will find Max from the Historical Data.qvd

2): Than I will create variable from the Max Date.

3): But how will declare it's format... I have a doubt in this????

4): Than Load/Write Sql Query and use Where condition.

    Where DateField > variable Created Above  // how the variable and date format will match.......??

5): I have a question here. How this where condition works if the Date format is not same.

My Main question here is how will I write the Date Format.......???

6) Lastly, I will use concatenate Historical Data.qvd in it

7) If required than I'll use Not Exists Function.....

Need suggestion on this.

So, that I will not face issues in future

and also I want to clear my doubts on this.



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Re: Incremental Date Format

The SQL code is handled and interpreted by the SQL driver of your DBMS, so you would need to write a statement that is correct for your specific database system.

If you are unsure about the format of your max date, ask your friendly database guru next door (AKA your colleague), she should be able to help you easily with the correct format.

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Re: Incremental Date Format

Change the date format of your variable according to that of in SQL.

It can be Date or Timestamp.

You will have to change variable format accordingly.