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Incremental load on excel files using timestamp


We have requirement to extract only latest records from excel file based on time stamp.

> Initially, we will uploaded Original file.

> After going forward we will upload Change file, In change file 4 new column will be added (New Target 1, New Target 2, New Target 3, and New Target 4)..

> From change file, we will pick only change row from users based on No (B column) and Name ( C Column).. and replace these rows from original data.

> Users can make changes few times in a day, and we will pick only latest rows based on time stamp (last column in Change file)

In final output >> Original final records will be changed with latest changed records, if there is no change in No & ID, then orignal record will stay as it is (In this case there is no change in No 1003, so this record will stay same as it is..

Could you someone please how can we achieve this in QLik Sense? I think we can do using Incremental load, could someone give example based on attached data..please send qvf file

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