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Incremental load plus generic load - Qlik Sense

Hi I have a Table where I need to do  Generic load.

Table 1:

Primkey     Object      Attribute      Value     Date

1                  Ball             Color       Red       01/08

2                   Ball            Diameter   4          01/07

3                   Box             Width       5          01/06

4                  Box             Height       6          01/10

I did Genric load with three fields and got the Table like this

Table 2:

Object     Color     Diameter     Width     Height

Ball          Red         4                   -          -

Box          -              -                   5          6

is it Possible..?

Is it possible to do incremental load

where I can generate Table 1 in to QVD and do a genric load from QVD and create Table 2. After that do incremental load and do genric load of only updated records say as Table 3. And final table should contain records of Table 2 and Table 3.

Please help in the Case. Thanks in Advance

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