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Independent Selections in sheets (Qlik Sense)

I have two sheets.

One has a table and other has a bar graph.

When I apply 'Selection/Filter' on Sheet 1, the data in the table is filtered.

But when I click on Sheet 2, the bar graph is automatically filtered based on Sheet 1 filter.

My questions are:

Why the selection on sheet 1 is affecting graph on sheet 2?

How can I do independent selections for each sheet?

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Re: Independent Selections in sheets (Qlik Sense)

That is how Qlik works by default.

If you want the 2nd chart to ignore the filter from the first one then you need to include Set Analysis in your expression on the 2nd chart.

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Re: Independent Selections in sheets (Qlik Sense)

Hi Sarfarz,

It is because of Associative linking of data, it happens. Meanwhile if you want two sheets independently then you can use alternate states. If you are using Qliksense, You have to use Alternate State extension

Comparative Analysis - Alternate States with Qlik Sense



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