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Individual row sum

I want to calculate a KPI which is an aggregation of row-wise data taken individually.

For example –

Screenshot 2020-08-20 at 21.20.08.png 

eMDM Revenue contribution is the column I am looking for.

The total should be 414,511 + 885,186 = 1,299,697

But the total is being calculated for Delta eMDM * Revenue 2020 YTD, i.e.,

2.14% of 67,807,048 = 1.4M


How to achieve this?

I am using this in KPI. The KPI works fine when I select an individual product group but is wrong without selection as Qlik is calculating on totals.


Formulas used –

Delta eMDM = Post - Pre

((sum(aggr(Sum({$<Year={2020}>} Return_eMDM_POST),Product_Name))    


sum(aggr(Sum({$<Year={2020}>} Invoice_POST),Product_Name)))    


(sum(aggr(sum(Return_eMDM_PRE),Product_Name)) / sum(aggr(sum(Invoice_PRE),Product_Name))))



Revenue 2020 YTD =


Sum(aggr(sum({$<Year={2020}>} Revenue_PRE),Product_Name)) + Sum(aggr(sum({$<Year={2020}>} Revenue_POST),Product_Name))



eMDM revenue Contribution

( (sum(aggr(Sum({$<Year={2020}>} Return_eMDM_POST),Product_Name))  


sum(aggr(Sum({$<Year={2020}>} Invoice_POST),Product_Name)))    


(sum(aggr(sum(Return_eMDM_PRE),Product_Name)) / sum(aggr(sum(Invoice_PRE),Product_Name))))


(Sum(aggr(sum({$<Year={2020}>} Revenue_PRE),Product_Name)) + Sum(aggr(sum({$<Year={2020}>} Revenue_POST),Product_Name)))

It is just a multiplication of the above 2 formulas.


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