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Information Box when field selected

Hi all,

I am trying to create an information box that will display with more information about a particular project when someone selects the project name.

I would like this to be hidden until a field is selected. Is this possible?


User selects a Project Name from a filter chart. Let's call it "Project A"

Once the user select "Project A" a table will show up displaying more information about the project. For example, the project manager's name and the date the project was created. When the user selects another project, the information will change in the information box to the new selection.

I am new to QlikSense and not sure if this is possible...but really hope it is!! Thanks for the help.

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This seems to work if I want to display the Project Name in a text field...

=If(Len(GetFieldSelections(ProjectName)), Concat(DISTINCT ProjectName, ', '), '')

How could I create another series of text fields to say if a field is being showed in the text field, then more Project Start Date will display in another text field?