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Installation problem Qlik Sense Desktop

Hi! I'm trying to install Qlik Sense Desktop on a Windows 8 computer. We the installation start prompt me a dialog window which indicate that .NET is necessary.

I was install .NET and run again Qlik Sense Setup, but the same message appears again.

I was tested my computer and .NET 4.5 is installed.

Any suggestion to solve this issue?

Best regards.

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Re: Installation problem Qlik Sense Desktop


This is a tool to verify your installation of .NET Framework


This tool clean your installation of .NET Framework. After proces run Windows Update and check and Install updates.

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Re: Installation problem Qlik Sense Desktop

Thank you Bartlomiej, but it didn't worked. The clenaup tool didn't work on my computer.

Then I've tried to install .NET 4.5.2 and Error 0x80240016 appeared.

Looking for an explanation I arrived to this page

Error 0x80240016 de Windows Update - Ayuda de Windows

Finally I ran the assistant to solve Windows update problems and then installed again .NET 4.5.2 and has finished succesfully.

It's the first time I use the community and I'm gratefully amazing for your quick response.
Thank you.

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Re: Installation problem Qlik Sense Desktop

I have a script to repair Windows Update. It should be run with administrator privileges. File in attachment.