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Installed Qlik Sense Desktop, won't launch


I'm doing research for my team on Qlik and after installing Qlik Sense desktop the application doesn't run.  Once I click the desktop shortcut or go directly to the folder and launch Qlik the cursor turns to a spinning circle for maybe 2 seconds and then nothing happens.

I've read some posts on the forms and below are the results of things I've seen published

Attempted: http://localhost:4848/hub

Result: "This page can't be displayed"

Attempted: launch CMD and run "netsh advfirewall firewall show rule name=qliksense.exe"

Result: "No rules match the specified criteria"

Attempted: Check log files located at C:\Users\{user}\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Log

Result: Log files attached

Attempted: Qlik uses port 4848 by default, made sure port is open by making a new rule specifically for that port

Result: Didn't seem to help

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Installed Qlik Sense Desktop, won't launch

Based on this log entry: ERROR 20160531T133707.686-0400 2392 4296 Server Registration: Crash. makes me suspect that this thread is relevant: Unable to launch Qlick Sense Desktop

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Re: Installed Qlik Sense Desktop, won't launch

Hey Levi,

Thanks for the reply.  The author of that thread seemed to have the same problem as me, however his solution did not work for me.  By the end of that thread he opened the command prompt and ran "sfc /scannow" and found corrupted files, I ran the same command and got the following message:

"Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

At this point I do not believe my O/S files are corrupted and would be unable to re-install Windows 7 on my machine at this time.

A commenter also said to remove the "content" folder from C:\Users\<YourUser>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps and see if it recreates itself.  I deleted it, ran Qlik Sense, and it recreated itself.