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Internal Engine Error on Mashup

Hello guys,

I am getting "Internal Engine Error" on my mashup and the error occurrence is random. I am not able to figure out why this error is coming on mashup when normal Qliksense application works fine. PFA is the screenshot and the code.

Even after this error and pressing the close button the mashup application works fine, can you give me some hint how to troubleshoot this error or give me some work around to hide this error.


Best Regards,

Muhammad Raza

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Valued Contributor

Re: Internal Engine Error on Mashup

Hi Muhammad

Were you able to figure out a solution for this?

Best Regards



Re: Internal Engine Error on Mashup

Hi Naresh, that error was coming due to socket timeout, so what we did according to the Qlik support suggestion we reduced the total page load time by doing multiple things e.g. segregated the charts into multiple pages, only loaded the required objects on this page. We were getting this error in Qliksesne 2.2.4 (I guess), so in next releases they have also improved the socket communion mechanism.

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