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Inverse Selection in Pie Chart

Hi all, I'd like to compare the value of a selected field with the inverse selection ('others').

I tried with Set Analysis but I need your help.

I'd like to reach this result that I have shown in the following picture.


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Re: Inverse Selection in Pie Chart

May be use dimension limits to show the top 1 and check 'Show Others' to put everything else in a other bucket

Qlik Sense - Using Dimension Limitations

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Re: Inverse Selection in Pie Chart

The problem is that at first I want the top five visualization and only when i decide to click to one particular item the pie graph ust change  in the version with the clicked item and all the other possibilities as others.

The problem is that by default Qlik sense qhen somebody clik one row use only the selected part of data and not the others.

I need a "dinamic" change if it's possible.

Re: Inverse Selection in Pie Chart

Can you may be share your qvf file? It is difficult to understand what you are trying to do just by reading what you have shared above?