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Contributor III
Contributor III

Is it possible to disable automatic break lines in straight table chart?

I'm making a straight table and i don't like the fact that comment column are getting automatic break lines without showing all comment so why i need a 3 line breaks to read the comment if i can do it with the mouse hover?

Cannot simply just show one line and read comment with hover property?

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Creator II
Creator II

A workaround for this problem:

  1. In a straight table, create a dimension with your [Comment] field
  2. Set the "Representation" to URL
  3. Set the "URL label" to something like: [Comment],  Left([Comment], 25) & '...', or 'Hover to view comment'
  4. Set the "Text color expression" to RGB(85,85,85)

URL dimensions in Qlik only display the part of the url that fits within the column width, the remainder of the url is hidden. This way, URL dimensions never result in breaklines.

Limitations: Users can click the comment which will open a browser tab with an invalid url.


Hope it helps!