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Is it possible to use Set Analysis inside IF condition

I would like to use a Set Analysis inside IF condition, however, it does not work.

sum( {<  [STATE] ={ 'AK'}> }    my_value), this expression with Set Analysis works.

However, after I put it inside the following IF condition in the map expression part, it does not work any more.

if ( sum( {<  [STATE] ={ 'AK'}> }    my_value) > 0.3, red(), blue()  )

Any suggestion is appreciated!

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Hi Haikuo,

The above condition will work. .

if you want to display background color give the expression at background color part. If you want to display text color give the expression in Text Color part.




Can you try like this?

=if(STATE='AK' and SUM(my_value)>0.03,Red(),Blue())

Your expression looks OK to me.

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Creator II
Creator II


if you want change the background color then click on + button in the expression tab

and write your expression it will work

Creator III
Creator III

Hi datalakeyu

Your Expression looks good only,

It will work. You can use set analysis inside the if condition.

If you can't do it. Share the sample file.