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Is my qliksense data public?

Hi All

I have downloaded free trial of qliksense desktop, Is my data secure? Is it like tablue that my data will be made public?



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Re: Is my qliksense data public?

Qlik Sense Desktop does not automatically send your data somewhere. It's completely up to you where you send or don't send your Qlik Sense apps.

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Re: Is my qliksense data public?

Tableau? public is a (free) public option. Everything on this is open to the public so only use this option if you want to share your apps with everyone. But Tableau do have private options but you need to pay for them

Qlik is different. The free downloaded private edition and free cloud options are only shared with people you want to share them with.

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Re: Is my qliksense data public?

The desktop version is just on your desktop.  Unless you decide to upload it to Qlik Cloud or share your app with another person that also has desktop installed.

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