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Contributor II
Contributor II

Is there QS Data Load Editor alternative?


is there any alternative to the build in Data Load Editor from Qlik Sense?

It would be nice to have the results of each query shown on the same "page" just aus in the SQL Server Management Studio oder Toad for Oracle.




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Creator II
Creator II

You looking at it right now (Any SQL Editor outside of Qlik). The other way would be to use the Qlik Data Manager, which shows you the contents of an imported table immediately. Downside is, you also have to do all of your queries through the interface without using proper SQL as far as I know.



Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for your answer. But the SQL Editor won't be able to understand the Qlik syntax, right?

I'm basically searching for an editor which supprots the Qlik syntax and also has an interface which directly shows me the results of my query. Just as with SQL in SSMS or Toad.

With the build in data load editor, it takes much more time to work with, since I'm not able to see the results of my code directly on the same page.


When developing I load one table or set of related tables at a time and check the contents. then when adding more I'll comment out the first bit or use a new file to load the next group of data, when happy with all then bring them together. If your datasets are large you can use the debug option to load a small portion of each table to make sure the linking works as expected.