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Is there a way to add Today's date into email object (Nprinting Sept 2017)

Hi community,

Has anyone worked with Nprinting Sep 2017?

If so, do you know how to include variables into the mail object?

calling a variable with %%Variable_Name%% used to work with the 16.x version; not anymore!

Any idea on how this is possible?

Yet another question,

I have a table containing 5 rows; what I want to do, is creating an excel file for each row and send 5 emails each containing one excel file.

What I can do right now, using cyclic option; is to send only ONE EMAIL containing 5 excel files..

Is it possible to use this cyclic feature to send 5 emails? (and have the email containing the name of the excel file)

Thanks ! (I didn't find Nprinting discussion forum.. if any of the moderos could change this thread location, please do)