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Is there an expression to limit revenue measure to greater than 0 results


Trying to solve an issue here and was wondering about general expressions.

We have a dimension of product line and a measure of revenue in a bar chart. we want to exclude the zero values from showing up in the bar chart.

When we choose exclude zeros in the add-ons section, we get what we want but get no data when we filter the product lines by business segments or business units. The product lines are the lowest level on the filters.

Is there an expression that anyone knows that we can write in either the dimension or measure that will exclude the zero values?

I assume we can then limit to bottom 10 in the limitation window and this will present the bottom 10 product lines - which is what we are ultimately after. We would like to see this across any filter - bottom 10 or x product lines if there is less than 10.


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