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New Contributor III

Issue calculating quintiles (fractile function)

I'm getting some wrong numbers trying to calculate quintiles. Basically I have 5 columns 0%-20%, 20%-40%, 40%-60%, etc.

And I'm trying to put the counts where ExamScores fall in those quintiles like so.

Count({<ExamAggExamScoreRaw = {"< $(=Fractile(ExamAggExamScoreRaw,0.20))"}>} DISTINCT ExamID)

I'm getting some bad counts so I was trying to just see what it was getting for the fractile of .2, but when I put

Fractile(ExamAggExamScoreRaw,0.20) to output data, it gives me an error, what am I missing?

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Valued Contributor

Re: Issue calculating quintiles (fractile function)

Hi Michael,

In which object are you trying to do that? Have you any dimension?


New Contributor III

Re: Issue calculating quintiles (fractile function)

The ExamAggExamScoreRaw field is the Score of the exam. Basically what I'm trying to figure out is what number qlik is getting for the 20% cut off, when I do the fractile of that exam score

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