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Creator II
Creator II

Issue in Pivot table in Qlik sense


I am new in Qlik sense ,I have issue in pivot table , I want show "Totals"column at right side of pivot table.

Here attached image as bellows.



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Master II
Master II

The reason sense will be behaving like this is due to its responsive layout. If you think about it this chart can be viewed on anything from a pc down to a phone. At phone level you can display only a small part of the chart to the user by default. As such as you have set a total for your piviot it's positioned to give the user the full picture then you can scroll across for the detail.

It takes some getting used to but there is a method to the madness.

Hope this helps explain why it's presented as it is and no you cannot change it through config.


Specialist III
Specialist III


I think at this point it can only be shown on the left. But this will likely b changed in a future release at some point


Hi at this time you cant do it but hope the pivot table object will be better at the next version or will appear (or create) some good extension to pivot tables

Good luck

Fernando K.

Sometimes the user have to  get used to the tool, and not the tool have to get used to the user.