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Issue when Loading Visualization in Dashboards

Hi experts,

Sorry if im posting this in the wrong place, i didnt find a similar post...

Qlik stay loading some objects in the dashboards in a endless loop. According to the client, nothing changed regarding his IT processes. This happened before 3 weeks ago and solved 2 days after by themself (we never find anything) and qlik has been working perfect. Now is happening again. (images attached)

My findings so far:
-I run other app in the same server and it work as suppose to.
-Loading Tasks from QMC execute correct
-I duplicate the affected app to my desktop and it work correctly.
-The same duplicate doesnt work in the server, executed from "my work" space.

Happened to anybody recently? do anybody know what could it be? it is something we have to be aware from now?

Thanks in advanced



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Re: Issue when Loading Visualization in Dashboards

Hi ,

Did you check the QLIK Monitoring Application to see how loaded the server was during this time ?