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Contributor II
Contributor II

Issue when formatting with NUM() and measure expression

Good day -

I am having an issue when attempting to use embedded formatting with NUM() in an expression.  The expression I am using is:


NUM((count(distinct{​​​​​​​<Score={​​​​​​​'>8'}​​​​​​​, SentimentScore={​​​​​​​'>3'}​​​​​​​>}​​​​​​​Record_ID)), '#,##0.0') ,

NUM( ((count(distinct{​​​​​​​<Score={​​​​​​​'>8'}​​​​​​​, Sentiment={​​​​​​​'>3'}​​​​​​​>}​​​​​​​Record_ID)) /(Count({​​​​​​​$<Category2 = >}​​​​​​​ Record_ID))),     '#,##0%'))

I have the Number formatting on the chart set to "Measure Expression" (This is a Vizlib chart).

The numbers calculate correctly when viewed in a table, but only the first value formats correctly.

The second value formats with an "m" - e.g. "34m". 

If anyone has any ideas on what this might be and how to resolve, it would be much appreciated.


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