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Issue while usign Master Measure


I have created a valuelist : valuelist('Email Open','Email Click') . This is my dimension

For calculating the measure I am using the following formula:

if ( valuelist('Email Open','Email Click','Inbound Response','Net Benefit')='Email Click',Sum(Email_Clicks),

if (valuelist('Email Open','Email Click','Inbound Response','Net Benefit')='Email Open',Sum(Email_Opens)

Now I have created a barchart with these synthetic dimensions and measures. I have different segments based on which these values are changing.

But it is not working the other way round; The value of different segments does not change when I click on say Email_Open separately.

I am new to QlikSense and really looking for some help on this.

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Re: Issue while usign Master Measure

Synthetic dimensions cannot be filtered. You can create a Inline Island Table if you want to be able to make selections



Email Open

Email Click

Inbound Response

Net Benefit


And then use DIM as your dimension and the following expression:

If(DIM = 'Email Click', Sum(Email_Clicks),

If(DIM = 'Email Open', Sum(Email_Opens))

Re: Issue while usign Master Measure

Can you post a small Qlik Sense app that demonstrates the problem?

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Re: Issue while usign Master Measure

I modified my data and used inline tables. It is working fine now. thanks everyone

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Re: Issue while usign Master Measure

Hi ,

I am again facing the same issue. I created inline tables and loaded the data in a qliksense table. But this table is not responsive to other charts in my dashboard.

How do I connect these inline dimensions to the rest of the data?

Re: Issue while usign Master Measure

Name the field with exactly the same name (even the upper and lower case need to be the same) with the field you want to connect it with and Qlik Sense will do the rest.

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