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Issue with Qliksense and R script expression (getting R parse error)

Hi There!!

I want to pass Dataframe through R- Qliksense script, my sample  expression-

R_Global_Connection.ScriptEval('library("dataframeux");cbind(q$PO, q$Bat,
q$Har,q$Raw,q$L0VIG,q$L0GER)"PO" as PO ,Bat,"Har" as Har, "Raw " as Raw,L0.VIG as L0VIG,L0.GER  as L0GER)

please note that I have created the "dataframeux" as my package  by dev tool (though not published in CRAN) and my function is taking the dataframe from Qlik.

I am getting "R - Parse  error "   .

Can anyone help me in understanding whether we could send dataframe from script to R ?  (thru SSE-Rserve connection).


Many thanks in advance !  🙂


Dwarika Panigrahi