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Issue with Variable

Hi all,

I have come across some strange behaviour using an expression/variable in Sense vs the same expression/variable in Qlikview.

The same expression is working as expected in Qlikview but doesn't work in Qlikview (same data).

The variable:

vGetReviewer = GetFieldSelections([Reviewer])

Expression that uses this variable :

if([Reviewer]= vGetReviewer, ValueList(vGetReviewer), Reviewer_Code)

It is a fairly straighforward expression and works like a charm in QV, but no luck in Qliksense.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Re: Issue with Variable

Hi Coco,

Try this expression : if([Reviewer] = $(vGetReviewer), ValueList(vGetReviewer), Reviewer_Code)

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Re: Issue with Variable

Thanks Balraj.

Using the SET functionality in the script side works.

What is the point of the creating variables via the front end UI?

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