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Contributor II

Issue with conditional formatting


I`ve come across following conditional formatting issue in Qlik, and I am stuck with resolving it, maybe you know how to fix it? Here are the conditions I am using:


a. Table containing 1 Dimension and 5 Metrics - visualizing data in table format

b. For conditional formatting I am using following syntax:  if(rank(count(xxxxxx)) < 4, rgb(204, 255, 204))


This set up works fine and TOP 3 is always marked with respective colors. 

HOWEVER - after adding additional column with text only : =if(url='www.abc.html','2020-01-21 - Example','To be updated') conditional formatting goes crazy and instead of marking TOP 3 it marks all columns in table


Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?





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since you need two different values qlik must read that as 2 different values. For that, you may use like. But not really sure, how come Colors and strings are together if you need 2 expression's as single 🙂

if(Match(url, 'www.abc.html', '2020-01-21 - Example'), 'To be updated')

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Contributor II
Contributor II


it came out to be pretty simple to resolve it

=if(rank(total count(metric),3,0) < 4, rgb(204, 255, 204))

added two parameters according to Rank function definition - now it works fine - i.e. rank is based on total of single column