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Contributor II
Contributor II

Issue with pie chart and donut


is it possibile to build two piechart in Qliksense: a pie chart inside a donut? For example, like this:

Immagine correlata

 In particular, I have this kind of distribution:

of which A229
of which B7


and this pie chart:


I would like the detail of the distribution (229, 7) inside the total donut, showing the calculation in percentage compared to the total (81%, 2.5%) .








Can help me, please? Thank you!

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No, fortunately dysfunctional monsters like that can't be created with the default pie chart in Qlik Sense. You'll have to find or create an extension for such chart junk. Smiley Tongue

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

I kind of like the chart. 


Contributor II
Contributor II

Unfortunately I need to make a chart like that to respect the customer's wishes.

 I also thought about combining a histogram with a pie chart to provide the detail. Do you have any advice for me? Or more functional methods to propose?