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Contributor II
Contributor II

Issues authenticating against Qlik sense enterprise server.

We are trying to configure Qlik sense server to authenticate Qlik Sense Desktop for a user who works in our local network.

On the server there is installed Qlik sense server, June 2020 v. 13.82.11

We have not an external database.

When we have finished the installation and started the services, we entered the license from the QMC (the license is “Qlik sense enterprise professional user”)

The hub and the QMC, are working via web using a regular PC.

We allocated a license for a user. (start > License management > Professional access allocations)

The user installed Qlik sense desktop patch 3 June 2020

We created an authentication link. (start > virtual proxies > selected central proxy > edit > client authentication link)

We provided the link to the user who we have allocated the license.

The link is correctly interpreted and on Qlik sense desktop the button to authenticate to the server is shown on the screen.

Clicking the button to authenticate pop outs this error: "opening of selected hub failed" (see screenshot attached)

We have tried to use the client authentication from the web hub but we got the same result.

Please advise.

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