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Issues with Qliksense April 2018 release.

Hi - We upgraded our beta server to 2018 release and seeing few issues.I just want to know if anybody else is facing the same issue or just us.

1.Applications are not saving the changes at times.

ex: I loaded the new script and updated the front end,but when I went back the script has disappeared and front end was showing field not found error.This has happened around 3-4 times since last 2 weeks.

2.Few of the Applications does not open in workspace.

Ex: Few Applications in my workspace behaves like they are in streams.I cannot do any edits without duplicating the sheets and I cannot edit the scripts.Theses Applications has Stream sign in the top right corner even though they are in my workspace.

Only workaround is to duplicate the Application.

3.Qlik Maps

Cannot Hide the layer info.If I hide the layer info it will take away the data from map as well.