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It's possible changes the bar graph?

I'm Marco Tittoni, I'm using qlik sense desktop a few months ago and my judgment is very positive, I consider it’s an instrument, to be synthetic, flexible, intuitive and brilliant. Specifically, I find the bar graph very useful, fundamental in the representation of the time series. In this regard, I wanted to propose improvements that could be made, I believe, only minor changes to its already existing structure. I must first of all congratulate for the introduction of the alternative dimension, really intelligent and practical idea, I think you should specify if the dimension is alternative to the first dimension inserted or the second, however I have seen that not too many problems are created and therefore could also stay this way. When it comes to dimensions, however, I think it is necessary or very useful to insert a third dimension. Only dimensions are not enough. If I insert the year on the first dimension (2010, 2011 2012, ...), on the second I can, for example, insert the channel (Retail, Wholesale), this point has no more dimensions, it would be very useful to insert another dimension, for example, the line (clothing, footwear, accessories) or the Country (Marche, Abruzzo, Basilicata, ...,). The changes to be made should not be complicated, in fact, if in case of insertion of the third dimension, the second dimension is obligatorily arranged in grouped mode and the third compulsorily on the stack, the graph would be the same as the current one with two dimensions, but the columns of the graph corresponding to the line dimension (ie the columns of clothing, footwear, accessories), would in turn be broken down by Country (Marche, Abruzzo, Basilicata) or, for example by sex (men, women). I hope I was clear in my presentation.

Thank you.

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