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Join Two Tables

I have two QVD files loaded in qlik sense as you can see in the pictures.
I need to join this two tables and sort it by Path (MyPath and MolePath sould be in one column) and it should display words from exact file if Word is the same as MyWord 

For example tables:
MyWord        Word
      aa                  ab
      ba                  cc
      cc                   cd

Final table should look like this:
                          Path                                                                           MyWord                                       Word
cestovny doklad\cest01(cz).jpg                                                     aa                                                  -
cestovny doklad\cest01(cz).jpg                                                       -                                                 ab
cestovny doklad\cest01(cz).jpg                                                     ba                                                  -
cestovny doklad\cest01(cz).jpg                                                     cc                                                cc
cestovny doklad\cest01(cz).jpg                                                      -                                                  cd

I hope you will understand what i am trying to achieve
I dont have much experience with script writing in Qlik so I am asking for help...
Thanks in advance.Bez názvu.pngBez názv.png

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Re: Join Two Tables

If you keep the name of the field to join as same, Qlik will associate them like a left join.

Also you can look at the help on Join 




Re: Join Two Tables

You could simply concatenate the two files:

LOAD MyPath as Path
FROM ....

Concatenate (Data)
LOAD MolePath as Path,
FROM ....
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Re: Join Two Tables

And FROM where should I load MyPath and MyWord ? because MyPath is from table pathfile and MyWord is from table tab_1...