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Contributor III
Contributor III

Joining Threshold to Dataset

Hello, I have the following two tables and I would like to join them together. Table 1 has general data about a person and Table 2 has the thresholds of the data. Would appreciate any advice or what the best way to join these table together so I can develop some box and whisker plots based on the data. Thank you!

Table 1:

ID Height (Inches) Weight BMI
1 5'11 180 16
2 5'5 155 24
3 6'3 210 18

Table 2:

Threshold_Index threshold_height threshold_weight threshold_BMI
Lower inner Fence 61 136 18
Lower outer fence 56 93 10
upper inner fence 76 250 38
upper outer fence 81 293 46

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can you describe how your expected result would look like based on this sample data?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Marco,

That is part of my question as well. What is the best way to set up the data so i can perform analysis on the data.

Possible set up the table like the following and then do the same for weight and BMI:

ID Height (Inches) Weight BMI Lower inner Fence_threshold_height Lower outer fence_threshold_height upper inner fence_threshold_height upper outer fence_threshold_height
1 5'11 180 16 61 56 76 81
2 5'5 155 24 61 56 76 81
3 6'3 210 18 61 56 76 81