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Joining two tables and plot a Combo Graph "Need Help"

****I am doing things in Qlik Sense"

I have an excel  file with two tabs :

Tab 1 Name: Forecast

Tab 2 Name : Forecast Lookup

"Forecast Lookup" have all the projected 2017 expenses by Program/Project Name

"Forecast" file have Program/Project Names where we already started spending against projects. (You can say it contains sub-set of total data from from tab Forecast Lookup)

Now when I am loading this excel file with two tables , I am joining based on Program Name.

Project Name I am keeping from Forecast table, and Commented the one in Forecast lookup to avoid Synthetic key.

Post all this, I am putting a Combo Chart that shows Total AOP (Total Forecast for 2017), Total Spend , Forecast against each Program/Project.... where Dimension is Program, Project Name and Measure is Total AOP, Spend and Forecast $.

Problem I am facing: Chart only showing those programs and projects against which PO's are already opened and not showing the ones which dont have PO's or spend or forecast in sheet "Forecast"

When I drill from Program to Project, functionality works as expected but Total AOP Bars are not changing as per the actual value of Total AOP for a projects , its showing sum of the Total AOP (all Program/Projects Sum)

I have attached the script and excel file for reference. if someone please help me in resolving it will be great help.



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Re: Joining two tables and plot a Combo Graph "Need Help"

Hi Ankit,

Don't quite understand what you mean by what your experiencing but try my sample QVW to see if its this helps you.