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June 2019 display bug

I have installed June 2019 QlikSense version.

I have a strange bug that displays some strange characters especially in the "edit" mode for all the different objects you can select.

On the top, the characters to change tabs are not "<<" and ">>" as you can see in the attached files. It's strange as a minority of applications are ok, and when I open a tab, I see "<<" and ">>" during 1 or 2 seconds and then I have these strange characters ?

Also when you a user want to unselect something in a filter pane, there's a "%" inside the red sign, no "fx" to enter a formula, etc..

Had to go back to the february version. 

Anybody experienced that ?


Had to go back to previous version (the february one).

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Re: June 2019 display bug


Please refer these two docs,






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Re: June 2019 display bug

Hi Akshesh,

Thanks for your reply and your help.

We were already in February version without this problem.

I can't manage to see all the users and check their Edge version.

It seems I can't even manage these parameters on my own computer as the rights are very limited in my company.

So I will just stay with the February version.