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Contributor III
Contributor III

KPI Chart Color


Hope You're all doing well.

I have a KPI chart that shows Sales.I have condition on colrs e.g. Sum(Sales) >5M,RED(),BLACK().........Now if i select any month the color condition will apply to that too......I want Month,Week & Day separate color condition within the same KPI.....How to do that??


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Specialist III
Specialist III

if(count(days)=1 and Sum(sales)>5 , red(),if(count(days)=7 and sum(sales)>20,red(),if (count(days)>7 and sum(sales)>30,red())))


just an idea try

if you select days Count (days) become 1

if you select week count(days) become 7

in case month just put >7 because it can e 28 ,30,31