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KPI & Charts

Hi Community Members,

I have following fields in my data set,

State, Financial Year, Type, Sub Type, Receipt, Payment.

Please suggest me what KPIs I can calculate and which charts should I used in my dashboard.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: KPI & Charts

Go to C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Documents this path where qlikview is installed and check Data Visualization.Qvw  file contain all details of visualization.


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Re: KPI & Charts

Thanks Vikas,

I have only qlik sense desktop on this system.

I have a task to design a dashboard in qlik sense and I am new in qlik sense .

Please give some suggestions for KPIs and charts to make dashboard effective.

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Re: KPI & Charts


Difficult to give advise without seeing your data and knowing what your users will want to analysise.

Nethetheless chek this doc :


for your question try to take the place of your end users. If you can ask them what kind of report they have now and what they need in the futur .

if you can , share a sample of your dataset : it will be easier to understand what are type and subtype etc

rapidly i would make chart with receipt and payement by fiscal years , perhaps a YTD of payement compare with last year to date

A top five or ten payement by state and by type

hope it helps


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Re: KPI & Charts

Thanks Bruno,

Your suggestion is helpful for me.

Please find attached sample data set.

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Re: KPI & Charts


Thanks for the sample.

I see state are indian States : So a map will be interesting summing column data per state

then a strait table with dimension :

state , sheet , Type

and mesure  : sum(data) 

perhaps a comparison per state of sum(data) depending of sheet to see and purchase the evolution of those amount per years

What else ... some KPI for exemple best state or best Sheet depending of the sum(data)

And i don't know what significate Type RV, PV, CV, and JV but it can by interesting to add dimension type in your table or KPI

As filter pane menu i would add : fiscal year , State , sheet , receipts , payement and type

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