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KPI colour expression between measures

Hi guys,

I have 2 measures in the new QS KPI visualization and am trying to set the colour of the values based on an expression.

One measure is a calculation for current year and the other is for previous year. (I can supply the code if needed when I get home) .

Basically I am trying to set the colour of measure 1 (current year)  to be either red or green depending on the Value of the previous year. Green is higher,  red if lower.

My measures are working fine,  but I just can't figure out how to set the expression for measure 1.

Does that make sense?

I will post code later if need be.



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Re: KPI colour expression between measures

Hi Imtiaz,

You could manipulate the Background color property of your expression?

Then simply make the expression of that property the following logic:

if(Sum({<TY>} Sales) > Sum({<LY>} Sales),Green(),Red())