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Keeping data and trending

I've ran into an issue where I need to just add to the data I've put in to Qlik. The problem is the database keeps current and previous statement only, so the current becomes the previous and the previous disappears. There's approximately 250K records each time so trying use Excel to do something, would be like putting a 600lb man in a Smart Car. Please help! Ideas, Thoughts!

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Re: Keeping data and trending

Hi Mark,

I would suggest you to increment the data into a QVD file and use the entire file torun your dashboard.

For example:

lets say your data becomes previous every week. So on Week 1 load the current data. Once week 2 comes add, week 2 data to the existing Qvd file by using a concatenate statement and so on. Make sure you have a unique posting date column, using which you will be able to track back which weeks posting it was.

There are number of uses if you store the data in a QVD as , its compression ratio is far better than any other format. Qlik can handle large volumes of data so the data volume might not be a problem as well.

hope this helps

- Sangram Reddy.

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Re: Keeping data and trending

Okay, I'm new to most of this, but do you know of any good resources explaining Qvd files and how to use them in basic terms? I like the idea though.