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LDAPS connection to Active Directory


I'm trying to configure a user directory connector based on LDAPS and Active Directory:


User Directory Connector

Type: Active Directory
URI: ldaps://xxx:636

Error: Setting up connection to LDAP root node failed. Check log file

Same error message in log file (Qlik\Sense\Log\Repository\Trace\ ... UserManagement_Repository.txt)

Qlik Sense 3.2 SR2
Windows Server 2012 R2

Haas someone already configured a such connection?


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Re: LDAPS connection to Active Directory

We have this setup on our systems.  We are still on 3.2 and have the same server OS.  It works fine.

If the URL is correct then I would guess that there is some policy or something in AD that is preventing this connection. 

I am not an AD expert.  So I will not be much help with specifics.

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Re: LDAPS connection to Active Directory

We are using LDAP not LDAPS, but it looks like you need to make sure you have the right certificates installed.


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