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Label and data value together in a pie chart

Hi All, 

I  have a donut chart and the labels are male and female. Now the data values are coming inside the donut chart and the labels are outside the donut chart. Is there any way i can put data values under the label. So i am looking for Female(22.11K) and Male(37.47K)



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Creator III
Creator III

It's a good point. Let me try it on the Cloud version.


Creator III
Creator III

Okay, so I put this in Qlik Cloud using the standard Pie Chart.

Dummy Data:

load * Inline [
Gender, Column
Female, 22000
Female, 1100
Male, 37000
Male, 400
Male, 200


Dimension: Slice

=dual(Gender & ' ' & num(AGGR(Count(distinct[Column] ),Gender)/1000,'#,###K')
& ' (' & num(AGGR(Count(distinct[Column] ),Gender)/AGGR(COUNT(total DISTINCT [Column]), Gender),'#0.0%') & ')',
num(AGGR(Count(distinct[Column] ),Gender)/1000,'#,###K') )

Measure: Angle

Count(distinct Column)

Appearance > Presentation > Donut Chart

Value Labels Off

Custom > None

These are the only steps I took in creating the below chart.



You could try simplifying down to just the Dimension and the amount and break it down.

=dual(Gender & ' ' & num(AGGR(Count(distinct[Column] ),Gender)/1000,'#,###K')
,num(AGGR(Count(distinct[Column] ),Gender)/1000,'#,###K') )

I did notice when I copied and pasted the above into the dimension that if it wasn't on the top line it would add an extra "=" sign which caused the same error you saw above. 

Let me know how you go.