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Last year QTD


I have a YTD filter which i have to tweak for QTD .

When i replace the fiscal_year with the fiscal_quarter,It's not working.


Sum({<fiscal_quarter=,fiscal_year=,Date={"$(='>='&Date(YearStart(Max(Date),-1),'MM/DD/YYYY') & '<=' & Date(AddYears(Max(Date),-1),'MM/DD/YYYY'))"}>} accessories_revenue ),

Sum({<fiscal_quarter=,Date=,fiscal_year={"$(=getfieldselections( fiscal_year )-1)"}>}

accessories_revenue ))

My fiscal Quarter is in FY19'Q2 format.


I have created this below formula. It's working perfectly for all quarter apart from the last year financial quarter. I wanted to tweak this to work for QTD

VlastQ='FY' & right(max(fiscal_year),2) & right(maxstring(fiscal_quarter),3)

=sum({$<fiscal_quarter={$(VlastQ)}>} accessories_revenue)

Can any one please help me?