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Latest Date record in filter

Hi All,

I have a filter called Reporting Period in the dashboard. I want to select the latest date value by default when ever i open the app.

i.e., in the attached image value Jul-15 have to be selected by default or always when open the app. If the data loaded and the latest value is Dec-15 then that has to be selected. Also this has to be sorted according to latest value.


We can do this with the help of a Trigger in QV. Please let me know how can we do this in QS.



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Re: Latest Date record in filter

may be like this in QV, not sure about QS:

Go to Document Settings ->Triggers->DocumentEventTriggers->Select "OnOpen" -> Click AddAction->Add ->Selection->Select In Field->OK

Then you have to put your datefield in the "Field" and put : =max(DateField) in the "Search String"

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Re: Latest Date record in filter

Triggers are not supported yet in Qlik Sense.

To meet your requirement in Qlik Sense I'd Create a bookmark that saves your desired default stage and save the app so it opens in that state.

As far as sorting lists go assuming you have a proper date associated with that field you can use sort by expression to sort on the actual rather than display date.

Hope this helps



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Re: Latest Date record in filter

Hi NandhaKumar,

This functionality is not yet available in QlikSense.