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Leading zero - Export data

When exporting data from Qlik Sense, number stored as text 012345 will be exported to excel as 12345.

I looked in the sheet1.xml and the actual value in the cell is 12345 so I can't fix the file after the export. Is there a way to force Qlik Sense to export a field as text?

I can't do format the cell in excel afterwards with TEXT(A2;"000000") because field I am exporting has different lengths. There can be 01 and 000123456789.

My temporary fix is too concatenate a character to the field with a calculated dimension =chr(39)&[PartNo.] and then removing it in excel with this formula RIGHT(A2;LEN(A2)-1). It works but I wish there was a way to make Sense export a field as text.

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Re: Leading zero - Export data


you need to force the number to text since the extraction from the original source. You can concatenate an arbitrary character in the extraction and then use purgechar() to eliminate that character and also setting the field to text:


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Re: Leading zero - Export data

This is resolved in 2.2.4 version. See if you can install this FR release and test.

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