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Limit Available Streams to Developers Publishing from the HUB June 2019 Patch 2

I created a custom security rule to allow ContentAdmins to publish from the HUB. I would like to restrict access to the streams available to ContentAdmins to publish from the HUB. For example, I would like them to be able to publish to a DevelopmentReview AND DevelopmentTest streams. How can this be accomplished?

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Your current resource filter are giving your root and content admin access to all resources in the hub.

In Qlik Sense security rules you can only give access not revoke access. Meaning that as long you are giving the content admin all access through the rule you posted an Image of you won't be able to revoke it by another rule. You will need to put the limitations inside that rule somehow. Either by adjusting the resource filter or in the condition criteria. 

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Thanks Vegar for the info. Based on the information you provided I decided to split this into 2 rules. The first allows for application duplication by ContentAdmins and it works fine. The second is to restrict ContentAdmin publication to a specific stream. ContentAdmins can still publish to any stream. Disabling my rule made no difference. Based on the information you previously provided I determined there was other rules granting permission. Good times.