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Limit access to data

I have a dashboard that has data in it for 500 locations. 

I have a security table that shows which locations each user has access to in the back end system that this data came from.  So this table will have a row for the userid and the location id for each location they should have access to.

When a user logs into the dashboard I want to only display the location or locations that user should be able to see.  They can see the entire dashboard.  But only for those locations. 

I will also have managers that can see an entire division or region and are not limited to just a location.  That information is also in this access table. 

Can something like this be done in Qlik Sense?

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Re: Limit access to data

Yes. You can utilize QlikView section access for this. A table that has userid and locationid should be used for implementing who sees what basically. Check these posts for familiarity and background:

Introduction to Section Access

QlikView Section Access Examples

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Re: Limit access to data

Hi Mark,

You will have to have make use of section access to achieve this.

Works the same way as it does in qlikview.

Check this out:

Episode #27 QlikView Security and Section Access - YouTube

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Re: Limit access to data

Both of these reference QlikView.  I need to know how to do this in Qlik Sense.

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