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Limit dates in Oracle

I have a table in oracle db where the data is till 4th june 2018 but i want to load data till previous month last date so am using this condition in select

Where to_number(to_char(SURVEY_DATE,'ddmmyyyyhh24miss'))<'$(vMaxDate)'

vMaxDate is having 01062018000000

this is not working.

Any other idea?

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Re: Limit dates in Oracle

Can you post your script?

did you try hard coding value instead of variable


Where to_number(to_char(SURVEY_DATE,'ddmmyyyyhh24miss')) < 01062018000000

then check value of variable in text object.


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Re: Limit dates in Oracle

May be this,

Where to_number(to_char(SURVEY_DATE,'ddmmyyyyhh24miss')) <


Or check the vMaxDate variable.