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Limit dimension in Map Chart


I was working with Qliksense map chart and realized the limitation option under dimension is disabled. I tried filtering data in expression itself but I was not able to suppress the Nulls/Zero.

Any idea how items in map can be reduced. My use case is I want to show the top n Profit making countries on map and don't want to show others.



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Contributor II
Contributor II

It appears that maps cannot use calculated dimensions, but I found some decent workaround:

What I ended up doing is including the condition of the "calculated dimension" into the MEASURE itself.
Whenever it is not fulfilled set measure to zero and do not forget to uncheck "include zero values".

My measure expression was something like this:

// check if POS ID belongs to 30 topselling stores
Sum({$<[Data_Measure]={'Sales Qty (Monthly)'}>}[DM QTY])
),[Sales POS ID])<=30,
//  if yes then sum up sales qty
Sum({$<[Data_Measure]={'Sales Qty (Monthly))'}>}[DM QTY])
// else populate  zero

Uncheck this optionUncheck this option


Contributor III
Contributor III

Regarding calculated dimension on maps 

  • If you make your calculated dimension a master dimension and refer to this master dimension in the 'Data ' section of the map layer.
  • Then refer to your line/area/point dimension separately in the location section of the map layer

Then it works!

This seems to be memory HEAVY and performance poor for large datasets- so make sure you have enough juice on your machine to manage this. 

I use calculated dimensions to reduce the impact to the user. 

Hope this helps