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Line Object in Qlik sense

Hi Guys,

There is sheet object called as Line/arrow object in QlikView which can be used to divide the sheet horizontally or vertically. Is there any similar function in Qlik Sense.

Please find the screen shot where I have divided the Sheet in Qlikview using the Line/arrow object and I want to do the same in QlikSense Sheet.

Can any you please help?



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Re: Line Object in Qlik sense

There is no direct line object or extension is available in qliksense. you  can try if you can add image of line using text & image object in qliksense

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Re: Line Object in Qlik sense

You can use text and image object to do this; put a line and so on:

or do as follow to seperate every chart:


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Re: Line Object in Qlik sense


We don't have a direct line object in Qliksense,but using  Qlik branch  we download the Line_Widgets  (Horizontal&Vertical). try to use below link for reference

Link: Qlik Branch 

also available different lines type available in property panel.