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Line chart - Missing values - Show as connections

I have a dataset with collection of different reports and their values. My requirement is to get a trend in Line chart. However there are a few reports which do not have any data for a few dates.

Dataset Used: 

Data Update DateSourceVal
7-JulReport A10
7-JulReport B15
8-JulReport A14
9-JulReport A16
9-JulReport B16
10-JulReport A15
10-JulReport B14

In this example, Report B isn't available on 9th Jul. As per my requirement, i would want to see this as a connection from 7th Jul to 9th Jul and not as a dip on 8th. This works perfectly fine on Qlikview, but on Qliksense I am not able to get it working. I tried the options available in Presentation area where you can change the behavior of missing data by setting it to 'show as connections'. Doesn't work at all for me.

I have attached the app as well as the screenshot of the line chart. Let me know if anyone of you have been able to get through this issue in qlik sense. Thanks.

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Re: Line chart - Missing values - Show as connections

Try this in the expression for Report B:

If(Sum({$<Source={'Report B'}>}Val) = 0, null(), Sum({$<Source={'Report B'}>}Val))

I think Qlik Sense is showing the value, because it's evaluating to 0, rather than null().  If you want Qlik Sense to ignore, it, you need to force null() when 0 is the total, using something like the above.

Hope it helps.



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Re: Line chart - Missing values - Show as connections

Thanks Brian! The trick worked. You are right, for null() its forcefully evaluating as 0.