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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Line chart with values >0

I have a table that contains several transactions on each combination month+project and I want to create a line chart in Qlik Sense with Dim: Month.

So, problems:
1. Each month in the diagram should show the total amount for the month but only include projects where the total amount for the period is >0. Projects where total amount for the period <0 should not be included in the diagram.
2. I want the values to be accumulated (add the values for each month). 

I have tried like this for problem 1. But, you can't put the if-statement outside because then I will get the wrong result:
Sum({<Year = {$(#=max(Year))}, Month= } >} Price)
,Month,  Project))

> 0,

Sum({<Year = {$(#=max(Year))}, Month= >} Price)
,Month,  Project))

, null() )

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Specialist III
Specialist III


1. As a calculated dimension while suppressing Null/Zero Value

=Aggr( If ( Sum({<Year = {$(#=max(Year))}, Month= } >} Price) > 0, Month), Month, Project)

2. =If(RowNo()=1,Sum({<Year = {$(#=max(Year))}, Month= } >} Price) ,Sum({<Year = {$(#=max(Year))}, Month= } >} Price) +Above(Expressionlabel,1))