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Line graph question

I have one column of dates and another column with four different options of text, like "A," "B," "C", and "D." How can I create a line graph that will give me four separate lines for each text option to show how many times each one occurred on a monthly basis?

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Re: Line graph question

You'll want two dimensions and one expression.


  • Date
    • This will show across the x-axis if you set it as the first dimension
  • Option
    • This will show a different line for each value in this field


  • count(Option)
    • This will determine where the lines get plotted
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Re: Line graph question

I understand how to set date as a dimension but can you explain a little more how to create the option dimension and how it relates to the column with the text that it's referencing?


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Re: Line graph question

Dim :  Month (Date_Dim)

Expr1 :  Count(distinct {<Option={"A"}>}Options)

Expr@ :  Count(distinct {<Option={"B"}>}Options)

Expr3 :  Count(distinct {<Option={"C"}>}Options)

Expr4 :  Count(distinct {<Option={"D"}>}Options)



Re: Line graph question

So you don't have a column in your data with the Option data?  If you do, that's the column you want as your second dimension.

If not, can you please give a few lines of example data so I can understand what you're working with?

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